Create your Signature Peace Perfume

Blending Ideas

Rose and Jasmine – a classic marriage of two of the most romantic floral notes and perfect for a bride who wants to scent her day with a bespoke veil of fragrance. Jasmine Neroli’s top notes of fresh bergamot and delicate peach add sparkle, while Indian Jasmine adds a white floral touch to the warm depth of Rose Amber’s beautiful floral heart of Afghan Rose.

Orange Blossom and Jasmine – like a white spring bouquet, crisp orange blossom layers beautifully on the soft warmth of jasmine. When layered, the top notes of Afghan orange blossom add a citrusy floral freshness to the opening of Jasmine Neroli, and the warm base notes of amber and soft woods from Jasmine Neroli give a longer and more lingering depth to Orange Blossom. Try mingling these two for year-round sunshine.

Grapefruit and Patchouli – layer a juicy burst of tart grapefruit and fragrant lime on the mossy warmth of patchouli to give a light summer fragrance extra depth and character. Grapefruit and Patchouli’s delicious Sweetie Grapefruit from Israel and fragrant Iranian lime and basil are fresh, light, and bright, while the creamy richness of sandalwood and Rwandan patchouli cling close and warm to the skin. A perfectly balanced and peaceful pairing. 

Vetiver Elemi and Patchouli Citrus – Vetiver from Haiti is a tall grass whose roots, when dried, produce a gloriously fragrant oil with a herbal woodiness. Layer it with Patchouli Citrus to add the bright notes of black pepper and cassis and enhance Vetiver Elemi’s spicy heart notes of cardamom, cumin and nutmeg.

Vanilla Woods and Rose Amber – For a warm and comforting fragrance to wear on cold days, try layering Rose Amber on Vanilla Woods. The soft creaminess of Madagascan vanilla, caramel and musk are the perfect companions to the classic heart notes of Afghan rose and spicy cinnamon, all under shimmering top notes of mingled pink pepper, cassis, and pear.