The 7 Virtues Original Line Special
The 7 Virtues Original Line Special

The 7 Virtues Original Line Special

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Get four bottles of our original line of perfume plus a bottle of our Jasmine of India for the price of two!

MIDDLE EAST PEACE The enchantment of Middle East Peace eau de parfum is for all humankind. Sustainably sourced, this ambrosial blend of sweetie grapefruit oil of Israel with the lime & basil oils of Iran captivates our hearts and ignites our senses. With a dry down of cedar wood and bamboo, this fragrance is for men and women

JASMINE OF INDIA Allow the spicy notes of cardamom, ginger, frankincense and myrrh to transport you to India. With supporting notes of orange blossom, patchouli and vetiver,  Jasmine of India unites our entire fragrance collection, supporting growers and their families.

VETIVER OF HAITI is a warm, woodsy scent with a fresh citrus splash. It is made with sustainably sourced vetiver from Haiti.

NOBLE ROSE OF AFGHANISTAN is spicy rose scent with notes of peppercorn, carnation and sustainably sourced rose oil from Afghanistan. Blend with Vetiver of Haiti for a masculine rose.


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