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3 Ways Aromatherapy Boosts Your Overall Wellness

Perfumes can help you smell and feel good.


Your diffuser can’t come with you everywhere, but thankfully your perfume can.

Have you ever noticed how each of The 7 Virtues’ perfumes has its own set of aromatherapeutic benefits? Under the two words “Best For,” you’ll find a list of how your fragrance can make you enhance your mental well-being while simultaneously helping you smell how you desire.

At The 7 Virtues we love aromatherapy because it’s a fun, gentle way to improve your mood and overall wellness. Each of our perfumes comes with its own unique aromatherapeutic blend, and when combined, the possibilities are endless.

Below, discover three ways your perfumes can elevate how you feel.

    1. Aromatherapy can create a sense of relaxation.
      There are certain essential oils that can inspire a sense of calm. The obvious choice of lavender essential oil comes to mind, but there are so many others that can do just as much. Our best-selling Vanilla Woods is known to alleviate stress, so it’s great for winding down after a long day. Vanilla is a widely popular scent, and for a good reason. Its simplicity is admirable and comforts you like a warm hug. We recommend keeping a bottle of Vanilla Woods on your nightstand for when you crawl into bed at night. To enhance its relaxing benefits, apply some to your neck or wrists before you doze off into a deep sleep.
    2. Aromatherapy can boost confidence.
      You can use your favourite perfume to hack your confidence. Our sense of smell is connected to the back of our brain, which is where emotions are emotions are controlled. This area responsible for interpreting and holding on to memories. It's this notion that inspired The 7 Virtues to launch Cherry Ambition, a fragrance that inspires confidence through scent-association. Wear Cherry Ambition when you are feeling a moment of success. Then when you are going into foreign territory, to pitch or try something new. Apply Cherry Ambition to your pulse points and your brain will trigger the memory of success. Success begets success. But it’s more than applying the scent to your pulse points. It’s imagining the room you will be entering, the people in it. Your successful presentation. Your positive results. And remember the most important part of this, people want to see you do well. Remember that.
    3. Aromatherapy can be mood-lifting.
      Following the same rationale as described above, we can use the power of scent and aromatherapy to lift our mood. The exhilarating smell of crisp sea salt, fresh citrus and coconut in our Coconut Sun is known to energize the body and mind. Spritz it in the morning to help jump-start your day.