Beauty: The Virtue of Valuing Your Authentic Self - The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc.

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Beauty: The Virtue of Valuing Your Authentic Self

The most beautiful model is a role model.

Michelangelo, one of the greatest artists, believed that beauty is expression over form. His art was based on the expression of the sculpture being more powerful than the form of the sculpture. Observe the expression of each of the great philosopher’s works of art. He extended this to humankind – that our expression is our beauty, not our form. And he defined our expression as our power and our dignity. That’s our true beauty, which supersedes any beauty trend we follow today.

Depending on what era you grew up in, the trends of that time likely influenced what you understood to be beautiful. If you were born in the Twiggy era, people would say being skinny was your beauty. If you were born during the Renaissance and you were voluptuous, people would tell you your curves made you beautiful. Michelangelo would disagree with these beauty standards, saying that trends such as being skinny or voluptuous are our form, not your beauty. They’re simply what we see on the outside. Expression – what’s on the inside – is your beauty. This is your power and your dignity.

Never ever let anyone take your power and dignity from you. Even if you don’t agree with another person, respect their power and dignity and you will get to a good place. If our world leaders respected the power and dignity of others and valued the virtue of beauty, we would be in a much better place globally.

Rather than valuing trendy beauty standards, let us look inside ourselves and value our internal beauty, which is everlasting.

When we use our power and dignity to spark change in the world and help others, this is what makes us beautiful. This is where we feel a life of purpose, of meaning and joy. The most beautiful model in the world is a role model. The next time you catch yourself worried about what you look like, keep in mind that your heart should always be the most beautiful thing about you. Use your dignity and power to uplift others and treat them with kindness and respect.

By shifting the way we see beauty, this encourages us to value our character instead of physical appearance. If we valued moral integrity and dignity more than physical beauty, the world would be better for it. If we taught our daughters, sisters and ourselves that our beauty is our power and dignity, we would not lose women to the streets, or to wife battery, which costs Canadians $8 billion annually economically, not to mention the immeasurable injustice, pain and suffering of the victims.

Your beauty is your power and your dignity. Daily practice, daily practice, like a muscle you have to rip it. Then, you will live it.