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Menstrual Equity and Our Partnership with Days for Girls

Ending war begins with ending period poverty.

Empowering others is in the DNA of our brand, and the reason why Barb founded The 7 Virtues. 

When her best friend Trevor Greene, a soldier serving in the military, was wounded on his mission to liberate women and girls in Afghanistan, Barb took on his mission of peace while he healed. Sourcing legal orange blossom and rose essential oil crops freed Afghan farmers from the illegal poppy crop and liberated their daughters from becoming young opium brides. Barb has taken her philosophy of equality and empowerment around the world to Haiti, Rwanda, The Middle East, India, and Madagascar. Because it’s the right thing to do. 

Today, we have evolved into an aromatherapy clean perfume brand that sources sustainable oils as well as upcycled oils. Our focus on truly ending war is by empowering girls and women by ending period poverty at home and around the world.

“Our origin story was born out of frustration with the inability for women to touch peace,” says Barb. “We’re not necessarily world leaders in the numbers we need to be. And as a result, we’re staying in a vicious cycle of war.”

With the launch of Lotus Pear in 2021, our company partnered with Days for Girls, a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide sustainable menstrual solutions, health education, and dignity to women and girls. They have impacted the lives of 2.8 million women, girls, and people with periods in 145 countries – and counting.

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Partial proceeds from the launch of Lotus Pear have gone towards overcoming menstrual stigma and limitations for women and girls in Kailali District, Nepal. We are so proud that to date, we have provided over 1,100 women and girls in this region with Days for Girls washable pad kits and menstrual health education.

Cherry Ambition, our most recent launch, also has Days for Girls as its cause. Partial proceeds from Cherry Ambition funds Days for Girls in putting an end to period poverty in North America. 

“We’ve dug down deep and reflected on how we can truly end this cycle of war. And it’s going to be period poverty. When women and young girls in countries around the world aren't able to participate in the workplace, in equality, and in government because of their period, we all suffer.”

We at The 7 Virtues are getting loud about breaking the cycle of period poverty. We encourage you to do the same. It starts with us, and that’s why our mantra is “Make Perfume, Not War”.

When women and girls have reproductive rights and autonomy over their own body, they are able to have a better education, and use their education to become change makers. 

“The only way to end war is to end period poverty, and to ensure that women have reproductive rights and ensure they have rights over their body,” says Barb. “Until that happens, we will stay in the cycle of war.”